Potassium Chlorate

Word Equation:

Potassium chlorate (s) + heat ——> Potassium chloride (s) + Oxygen (g)

Balances Word Equation :

2KClO3(s) –>3O2(g) + 2KCl(s)
Potassium         Oxygen     Potassium
Chlorate                             Chloride

Uses Of Potassium Chlorate:

potassium chlorate is a compound containing potassium , chlorine  and oxygen  atoms. The formula for this compound is known as KClO3.  It is used in the following
-It is used as an oxidizing agent.
-It is used to prepare oxygen.
-It is used in a cleaning disinfectant.
-In safety matches .
-It was used in explosives but today it is rarely used.

– its a key ingredient in percussion caps for firearms ( a primer) .

Type Of Reaction:

The type of reaction that is formed when Potassium Chlorate mixes is called a decomposition because there is oxygen in there and it effects the out come of the reaction between different chemicals/ mixtures.

Physical and Chemical Properties:

The physical properties of the reactant, potassium chlorate in its pure form are white crystals or powder substance and it is odorless.

7g/100g water
Boiling Point:
400C (752F)
Melting Point:
368C (694F)


2.3 g/cm3

Reaction In The Industry:

Potassium Chlorate is used in the industry every day whether it is starting a little fire by striking the match off the little match box or waking up and having a fresh breath by using mouth rinse/wash or getting rid of the nasty looking weed out front of your house to make your front lawn looking well maintained by using weed killers or celebrating a holiday or a birthday by lighting up the sky with some fireworks .

Reaction With Oxygen And Oxygen Properties

The physical properties of oxygen are that it is a colorless, odorless gas.  It is an essential in life to have oxygen . All living things need oxygen to live example humans, animals and nature. Oxygen is slightly heavier than air. There is always a valuable source of oxygen and that is trees. Trees give out oxygen and when we breathe it in  it becomes Carbon Dioxide and so the will be an endless supply of oxygen.


The Chemical Reaction

The link above is the famous reaction with Potassium Chlorate it is the decomposition of a little gummy bear candy.
Potassium chlorate will  decompose if heated in contact with a catalyst, typically magnesium (IV) dioxide (MnO2). Though, it may be simply placed in a test tube and heated over a burner. That is where the gummy bear test comes into play and the reaction is caused by the the gummy bear coming in contract with potassium nitrate after it has been heated.

History Of Potassium Chlorate :

Potassium Chlorate originates from China.  It was used in weaponry products at first but now new chemicals have over powered it and is not used for explosives.  No other history found about potassium chlorate .

References :


–  http://www.Wikipedia.com/potassiumchloride




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